Fart Proudly

Stand-up comedy and weirdness. Featuring a reading of Benjamin Franklin’s 1781 manuscript, Fart Proudly. July 27th 8pm Titmouse Warehouse.


Strings, a horror reading May 31 featuring Kate Micucci, Davey Johnson, Galen Howard, Jackie Kashian, and more

Titmouse Warehouse 1121 Seward 90038




Phantom Rodeo Elizabeth&Eric

The Phantom Rodeo crafts horror & fantastic soundscapes with special guests Ron Lynch, Benny Brydern, and Hans Fjellestadt.

Elizabeth Messick and Eric Thirsting are a magic duo who will take you back in time, down the rabbit hole and through your mind!

Everything is Real

Everything is Real, a “musical” by Jesse Elias! Directed by Ron Lynch! October 26th, 8pm. 12 bucks!

Sex Magic & the Occult

An illustrated lecture by Mel Gordon and art installation by Dan Wininger. October 21st. 8 pm. 12 bucks!

The Last Night of the Steve Allen Theater

Join us for one last show at the Steve Allen Theater!!!!! November 3rd. 8pm. General tix: $20. Preferred tix: $50.

A Kurt Weill Tribute

Pat Loud’s Stars to Get Lost In – A Kurt Weill Tribute. With Musical Director Kristian Hoffman. Featuring amazing singers and musicians such as Prince Poppycock, Timur Bekbosunov, Justin Tanner, and more! Friday, September 22nd.


A bizarre comedy variety show hosted by Ron Lynch (The Sarah Silverman Program, Tim & Eric). Every week is a brand new show with a variety ofcomedy, music, videos, magic, and madness. EVERY SATURDAY AT 11:59 PM!

The Best of 2 Headed Dog

The Best of 2 Headed Dog! September 30th. 8pm. 12 bucks!

Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys

Early Folk-a-Jazz Jubilee. A pre-1940s, Down Home Folk and Jazz String Band Show with Special Guests! Saturday, August 19th! 8pm!

Eggshells & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Drive-In Screening with special guests John Landis, Mich Garris and Stuart Gordon! Oct 14th!

Puppetzilla PuppetSlam


Get ready for some awesome puppet action at another fun-filled PUPPETZILLA PUPPET SLAM! Sunday, Oct. 8th @ 7:30 pm!

300 Bones

“300 Bones” is an offbeat musical set in the hilarious, bizarre small town of Dooms. Written by award winning poet and comedian, Derrick C. Brown with music by Amanda Rafkin! TWO NIGHTS! August 11th & 12th, 8pm. $10!


C & C Variety Hour’s C & C: WWIII? June 25th 8pm $15 online/$20 door. Special Guests Include: Puddles Pity Party, Tracy DeNisi, Handsome Jack, & Lindsay Benner!


Best of 2 Headed Dog

The best comedy troupe in America! 2 Headed Dog is:
Jim Turner, Mark Fite, Dave ‘Gruber’ Allen, and Craig Anton. Friday, June 30th at 8:00 pm. $12!

Jackie & Paul: Living the Lie

Jackie and Paul bring their twisted and unique brand of comedy to The Steve Allen Theater for one night. September 9th. 8pm. 10 bucks!

The Zabrecky Hour

Come join Zabrecky and he delights you with his strange yet charming performance! Sat, June 17th. 8:00 pm. Tix $18.

Everything You Know is Wrong!

The Firesign Theatre’s Phil Proctor hosts an evening of rare Firesign films to benefit Trepany House, who are losing their House! (A Q&A will follow.). June 24 $20 a benefit for Trepany House!

Bill Burr


Bill is back! May 8th!

Janet Klein & her Parlor Boys

Naughty, lovely, and obscure musical gems of the 1910’s, 20’s and 30’s performed by the enchanting Janet Klein & her Parlor Boys. Every FIRST THURSDAY of the month. 8pm. Tix $20.

Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys

Naughty, lovely, and obscure musical gems of the 1910’s, 20’s and 30’s performed by the enchanting Janet Klein & her Parlor Boys. Every FIRST THURSDAY of the month. 8pm. Tix $20.


Metropolis with live score by Hans Fjellestad(Moog), Eban Schletter(Theremin), Michael Mortilla(Piano), and Ron Lynch (Percussion). June 10th, $12 A Trepany House benefit performance!

Clowntown City Limits


Big Bugs, Corky, & Adolph, pay tribute to the world of clowns while turning it inside out, showing the darkness in every child’s black-velvet clown painting. Starring Dave ‘Gruber’ Allen, Mark Fite, & Jim Turner! Friday, June 2nd @ 8pm! $12!

Yiddisha Follies


April 6th! 8pm.
Janet Klein and her Parlor Fellows will perform a special evening devoted to gobs of  Yiddish Novelty Songs and Klezmer tunes from the 1920s & 1930s!

The Puppetzilla Puppet SLAM!

Come celebrate some of the BEST ACTS that have ever performed at Puppetzilla Puppet Slams! Bring your own booze and stick around for the after-party…with cake and friends! June 4th!

Cartoon Dump

Frank Conniff Takes a Cartoon Dump on Saturday, June 3rd at 8:00 pm!

Ann Magnuson

Ann Magnuson premieres her new musical spoken-word epic “Open Letter to an Open Letter (Seriously, WTF?!)” as well as new tunes and dreams hatched since Election Day. Sat, March 18th. 8:00 pm. Tix $20.


Jeffrey Combs returns to where it all began for two shows only in his highly acclaimed portrayal of the brilliant, tormented American writer, Edgar Allan Poe. An imaginary recital that swings wildly from poetry to hilarity to madness to despair. May 12th & 13th!

Cobra Juice

Your friendly neighborhood hetero-adjacent variety show is back to CRAM FABULOUSNESS DOWN YOUR UNWORTHY THROATS. Hosted by Kyle Shire & Sovereign SyreApril 28th at 9:00 pm!! Tickets are $12!