The only thing in life one can rely on is change. Apparently 2017 will greet the Steve Allen Theater like a wave greeting a sand castle. The CFI LA, and the theater inside, will be torn down this summer to make room for new condos.

It has been over 14 years since the theater opened its doors. Shows premiered at the Steve Allen Theater include The Kids in the Hall reunion, the Beastly Bombing, Playing with Micucci, Re-Animator the Musical, Mary Lynn Spreads her Legs, Dethclock, Resbox, Nevermore, Janet Klein and her Borcht Belt Babies, Max Maven Thinking in Person, Emo Philips the Shredder, Hollywood Hellhouse, Ann Magnuson Dueling Harps, Tomorrow! and many others.

In 2012 we founded Trepany House to pursue theater here as a 501(c)3 non-profit. Comic book artist and legend Robert Crumb drew the Trepany House logo. Productions and performances have included: Eddie Izzard, Bill Burr, Meredith Axelrod, Sandbox, Fred Willard, The Secret History of Gwar, Puddles Pity Party, Mathew Modine, Bill Plympton, Andy Prieboy, CC Variety Show, Marc Maron, Puppetslam, Charlyne Yi, Hans Fjellestad, John Ennis, Frank Black, Ann Magnuson, Rob Zabrecky, FleischerFest, Louis CK, Emo Philips, Catopia, The Mondo Lectures of Mel Gordon, the Kids in the Hall, Ray Romano, Bob Odenkirk & David Cross, Cobra Juice, Rudy Casoni, Fred Armison, Brendon Small, Kate Micucci, Moby, Blaine Capatch, the Firesign Theatre, El Vez, Martin Starr, War of the Worlds, and many many more.
Perhaps most importantly, we have enjoyed over a decade of shows of Janet Klein, Ron Lynch’s Tomorrow!, and 2HeadedDog with Turner, Gruber, Fite, & Anton.

I want to thank the staff and volunteers who have kept this ship afloat these many years. And especially a big thanks to Jim Underdown who called me about 15 years ago out of the blue with an amazing opportunity.

There are still many unknowns and we shall see how this plays out. We do not have a confirmed venue to continue in.

We will have a great final season of shows for you, which we will announce soon. I personally would like to end my time here with the realization of my dream project Bride of Blood, if you want to help make that happen go to Or if you want to make a general donation to Trepany House, that will help us with all future endeavors. Your donations would be would be appreciated, we hope to continue participating in the performing arts far beyond the closing of the Steve Allen Theater, so sign our Trepany House email list, if you haven’t already.

All things must pass, like that one guy once said. It has been an amazing journey and I am very grateful for all the friends and experiences I’ve made here. I hope the theater has brought some love, light and transcendence for the many people who have visited and performed at the Steve Allen Theater.

Thanks for the good times!

Amit Itelman
Founding Artistic Director of the Steve Allen Theater and Trepany House

To make a donation go to If you want to discuss anything regarding the situation email me at Check out to support Bride of Blood.